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Friday, 18 May 2012

Should I blog on specific days?

Developing on from who is viewing my blog, which posts and where from; I thought I'd investigate what day(s) people tend to view my blog.

Data is a bit limited since I can only view specific days over the last month. The data I collected was over the last 28 days 20th April-17th May.

I was interested on the basis that if people view on a specific day I will be able to maximise the amount of people who view my posts.

The results where as follows:
Mondays - 120
Tuesdays - 141
Wednesdays - 99
Thursdays - 128
Fridays - 104
Saturdays - 52
Sundays - 92

From the results it seems I should avoid blogging on a Saturday. The figure is nearing 3x less than that of the highest day of Tuesday.

The days on which I post though may also have some bearing on these numbers. Over the past 28 days I have posted five times.

Once on a Monday, twice on Tuesday, once on Thursday, and once on a Friday. Thus it would seem the days I actually upload a post has an influence on page views I get that days. I have not blogged on either Wednesday Saturday or Sunday and those are the three lowest days, whilst I have blogged twice on a Tuesday in the last 28 days and this was the highest day for readership.

Looking at the specific days I post on as well these days also received the highest readership. Each of the five days I posted received the five highest days out of the 28. However the highest day was a Monday with 54 views. Yet Monday is only third in the readership days ranking.

As such it may be preferable to blog on either Tuesday or Thursday. Let's see how many blog views I get with this post... 

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  1. I definitely think weekend posts get less views...people procrastinating in the week!