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I created this blog as a general out-let of ideas for my research, as well as keeping those interested up-to-date on my research and general interests.

I completed my PhD thesis at the University of East Anglia in 2014. The thesis was recommended for the award of PhD with no corrections. My external examiner was Prof. Simon Deakin (Cambridge) and internal examiner was Prof. Morten Hviid.
My PhD research centred on directors' duties and company law. The thesis was titled 'Non-Executive Self-Interest: Fiduciary Duties and Corporate Governance'. It was a doctrinal and empirical study on whether self-interest was suitably controlled amongst non-executive directors.

My supervisors were Prof. Mathias Siems, Prof. Duncan Sheehan, Dr. Sara Connolly and Dr. Rob Heywood

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Forthcoming publication in the ICCLR

Just a quick Sunday evening blog post.

You may remember I blogged about the court's power to order shareholder meetings a couple a months ago (see here).

Well in some PhD/teaching off time I thought I would write a case comment about the case of Wheeler v Ross.

I submitted it to the International Company and Commercial Law Review and they have agreed to publish it. So, watch this space! I estimate a 2012 release date.

As to my PhD. I have substantively begun learning about statistics to apply quantitative analyses in my research. Some concepts are definitely easier than others. Confidence intervals are proving a bit of an obstacle but I will put it down to being Friday afternoon.

Teaching has begun and is in full swing. I am teaching first and second semester company law seminars this year; contract law seminars in the second semester; and have begun running 3rd year undergraduate pastoral sessions, which students seem to be finding very beneficial.

Now things are up and running again, I will have more time to blog. Mondays are very busy days though with 4 hours of teaching; 2 hours of a methods of social enquiry course; and 1 hour of drop in sessions for students. Fortunately, organising my Excel data is pretty easy to fit in round teaching and classes.  

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